Why I think PayDotCom is the Best Affiliate Marketplace on the Net!

12.09.08 (6:59 am)   [edit]
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My Only Birthday Wish

10.15.07 (4:55 pm)   [edit]

…it’s never going to work this time.  We’re to the point of no return, and along the way the only thing we’ve learned is how to hurt each other.  I’m looking back and wondering why it took so long to realize that nothing’s changed, and never will.  All these years of standing still and still we stay, in all this pain

I don’t want to wait another minute, put me out of my misery.  I can read your mind, baby you’re not in it, and we’re not what we used to be.  No, you wouldn’t have to lie to me, if you would only let me go, and I don’t want to wait another minute to hear something that I already know

So save your voice, don’t waste your breath.  Can’t you see that we’re at the end? This goodbye, it’s permanent, so wish me well and try to forget all the fights and all the ways.  We almost made it but we never did and it’s finally come to this…


Stupid, stupid, stupid!! Hmph!

09.28.07 (4:38 pm)   [edit]
Have you ever been soo mad and pissed off that you just don't know where to begin? Well, I'm certainly experiencing it now. If I open my mouth, I think I'll just babble, babble, babble non-stop! AARRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!


Things I want to do

09.26.07 (2:24 pm)   [edit]

Things I want to do: 

1) I have a chocolate cake but I can only eat it after lunch.

2) Skip today's lectures

3) Finish my English essay, which takes ages to complete, gosh...

4) Empty the dustbins

5) Not to worry about the coming assignments and exams

6) Play computer games


Mr Zach says 'maundering', is this post called 'maundering'?

09.14.07 (1:17 am)   [edit]

man...i've never felt so nostalgic before. nostalgic and melancholic. how depressing is that?...(sigh) i Miss so many things and people. special people of course. (sigh) i never expect my life is going to be like this. i want to continue watching What You Did Last Summer but i dare not watch it alone; thus, here i am, a thug of war within myself - to watch or not to watch...that is the question, hmm... so tell me, is life black and white or is it gray? i always insist that it's gray cos any situation is always the result of various factors. life is black and white when you already choose sides, i.e. having your own discriminating view. ok, stop here, what the hell am i talking about?! LOL! ah shit, my head's a mess. oh yeah, i'm going to Foodtown later to do my grocery shopping. oh no, i'm supposed to write down a shopping list! ok, what should i buy?...mmm...

oohhh...i like this song: Something by Lasgo, hmm...anyways...

ketchup, rice, cereals, onions, garlic, ginger, body lotion, milk, eggs, fish fillets, chicken dices, shells, (i should change songs) sausages, soap, casual slippers/shoes, cornbeef, salmon, tuna, (i feel depressed i don't know why) cheese, ham, bread, (i think some are unnecessary but never mind, i'll list down my cravings too), fluffy bunny (<--don't know where i'm going to find that), (ah, bad idea to go out tonight, i'm just not up to it) (oh, i must be brave to do that thing tomorrow) (i like this song: Believe In Me by ATB) instant noodles, (ah, i haven't do that thing i'm supposed to do today) (why are the songs so sad tonight?) (i'm tired of this accommodation shit) (why is spring as cold as winter?) (why am i not that excited to go back?) chicken gravy, fluffy rabbit (<-- oh, i mentioned already), flowers (<-- i don't know for what), no chocolate or candies (cos i'm growing fat), kiwi fruits, (i still can't believe i have 2 brothers now. ah, my responsibility just doubled) (the results for my assignments are so bad, i don't know what happen) (can't wait to see my brothers and my dogs and my mum) (can't believe a year passes by so fast)..................ok, i don't know what else to put in my unconventional shopping list. the only thing left to do now is to write it down on paper cos i don't always remember what i want to buy once i'm at the grocery store. blimey, tewible memory. hihi... ^_^

i love this song: Runaway by Iio. i'm happy for so many people that it leaves me feeling nostalgic and yearning for the past, gosh, gotta snap out of this! ok, should start on the shopping list now.